Masters Thesis

This Short Film was part of my Master’s Thesis. It explores western and eastern tonalities, with heroic and evil motifs. This project really catapulted me into a new, more advanced media composer. This short film is full of emotions, with an important underlining message. Please like and subscribe for more videos.  

Film Scoring Demos

This is my DEMO Reel of my latest Film Scoring Projects. Some clips you may have seen. Most of these samples were made while I was in Graduate school; a few are from my latest professional work. I hope you enjoy and remember to contact me if you would like me to score your picture.  

Eyes Wide Open Demo

This is a scene from one of the films I was lucky to score. I got the opportunity in Graduate School. This is an emotional scene in this Suspense Spy Thriller. (Please note, this is only the demo, the final mix was made by my engineer) 

Secrets of Angels

This music is my take on atonal serialism in film. I hid this element by elongating the phrases. You will also hear sound design elements throughout. The music is not melodically driven, but instead echoes the emotions of these characters 


This choral work is one of many that I have. But this one was written in honor of my father who passed away. This works strikes a chord with so many people, and I’m grateful for all of those who have ever performed it. Check out STARRY NIGHT below for another choral work. 

Lottery of the Gods

This Orchestral Work was set to be performed at Disney Hall in the Summer of 2019. It explores the fight within War. What is the purpose of War, do the soldiers really understand what they are fighting for. This work can also be left for your own interruption. The ending swells, washing over your emotions like a tidal wave. 

String Quartet No. 1

This is my first String Quartet. I composed it for my Senior Recital a few years ago. It’s a mixture of atonal and very tonal beautiful elements. This is the piece that really opened a lot of doors for me when it comes to my new compositions.