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"Music is free gift, all you have to do is open it"

Matthew David Wheeler is a Award-Winning Professional Composer, Arranger and Orchestrator who was born in Fresno, California and received a Bachelor of Arts in Composition from CSU, Fresno; where he studied with Dr. Ben Boone and Dr. Kenneth Froelich. He holds a double Master of Arts Degree in Composition (CSU, Fresno) and Professional Composition and Orchestration for the Media Arts (University of Chichester). Matthew grew up in Fresno, CA; it is here where he discovered his ability and passion for music. He was born with a severe stutter, an issue he still deals with today; but the movies he had growing up with is what saved him. He realized that he could mimic any character and their lines without stuttering, allowing him to final commutate fluently. Undenounced to him, the music within these films would light a passion in his soul that no one could have predicted. At the age of seven his parents discovered his ability to playback songs and melodies that he heard on TV on the piano; unsure of what to do, they enrolled him into piano lessons with a member from their local church. It wasn’t until a friends’ birthday party years later where he discovered the benefits of playing piano and having such a gift. Sitting behind the keys of the grand piano, he began to play with a fury the biggest and greatest hits of the time unaware of the crowd forming around him. Realizing the impact that music can have on a person is what rocketed his study of music leading towards music composition and film scoring. Matthew has composed music for several Short and Feature Films; some include: Eyes Wide Open (2018), Milk Kids (2019), The Statement of Randolph Carter (2019), the Award-Winning WebSeries Chronofilm (2020); and is scheduled for two upcoming feature length films.   


In his teen years Matthew was a part of the Youth Worship Team and later becoming the Worship Leader; it is here where he truly understood the power and grace of being saved by Jesus Christ and the how music alone can change one’s soul. In his collegiate years of study, he has had the opportunity to compose for some of the finest musicians in the country. Matthew never composes unless he puts his entire body and soul into every work. His reputation as a first-rate composer has allowed him to compose pieces for Disney Hall and Carnegie Hall. In 2013 he formed his studio Narrow Path Studios; named after the biblical verse Matthew 7:13-14. Every aspect of Matthew’s life has God in the center; and he lives by his quote, “Be the Miracle in Someone’s Life.”. Beyond his compositions, Matthew has been the Musical Director and Conductor for over twenty local and professional Broadway productions; five of which were local premiers. His musical influences are Beethoven, Mahler, Aaron Copland, Rachmaninoff; as well as film greats like, Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams and Michael Kamen. Matthew currently resides in Fresno and is a Professor of Music at Minnesota West Community College.

Matthew David Wheeler

Award-Winning Composer
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