What I Can Do

Below are a number of services that I offer. Click on the icons below to be directed to my Media Page. 

Film Scoring

I compose music for Film, TV and Video Games. I have scored several feature films, short films and documentaries.

Classical/Concert Music

I've composed pieces that have been performed in the Concert Hall all over the world. I've written music for a variety of ensembles, both large and small, including solo instruments.


I can arrange and orchestrate for a number of ensemble, no job is too small, no experience is too big.

SOme of my other services include


I have experience conducting a variety of ensembles and musicians. I've worked as a Musical Director for over 20 musicals.

Music Consultant

I take pride in my abilities to enter into any music situation and bring out the best in the musicians. I have the understanding to listen to music at a deeper level and find ways to convey that to the performers.

Pit Musician

As a Musical Director, one tends to play for the musicals as well. I can nearly every instrument, the main ones being: Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Saxophone, Trumpets, Clarinet, Flute and Cello.


I've arranged pieces of music from the most complex to the simplest pop standard. I can arrange music for any ensemble.


I've been an accompanist for over 10 years professionally. I've working within the school districts as well as at the college level, not counting my work as a Musical Director.


I have been working and teaching within the school districts for over 10 years. I mostly teaching High School and Adults, but I do have experience in grammar school music.

I can help you with...

Original Music 100%
Orchestrating 50%
Performances 75%
Other 60%

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